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EDNOTE. Nabokov readers tend to be an interesting group of people. Being
in touch with them is among the pleasures of running NABOKV-L. Some years
ago, I electronically met Rita Meklin, a young Russian emigre living in San
Francisco. Since then the writer and journalist has been twice short-listed
for the Andrey Bely prize, one of Russia's most prestigious literary awards.
The well-known Moscow publishing house "Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie" has
just published her collection of stories and essays under the title "The
Battle at Petersburg" as part of a new series devoted to fresh voices and
elegant, "difficult" prose that fall outside from "the intellectual

Two of the items in Rita's far- ranging volume are of particular interest
to Nabokovians:

One, "Otets, Syn, i Vsyo Ostal'noe" Father, son, & all the rest) is
devoted to meeting Dmitrii Nabokov in Berkeley,where he was giving a
masterclass on translation technique. Another, "Bony i Babochki,"
(Numismatisists & Butterflies) traces VN's relationship with a fellow
Russian emigre entomologist in Berlin, Nikolai Kardakov, and the surfacing
of a copy "King, Queen, Knave" inscribed by VN to Kardakov with an autograph
copy ohis poem "Babochki" Father's Butterflies introducing Russian readers
to it.


The book (in Russian) is available at http://www.ozon.ru
The link to that item is: