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Fw: Yolande Kickshaw
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> Greetings
> I think that Carolyn Kunin was on the right track with the quelque chose
> bit. But I'm not sure what she meant by the kickshoes. Kickshaw is a
> prepared dish, synonomous with dainty or treat. Keeping this "eating" in
> mind along with the lesbian reference (deux tribades) one does not need to
> think too hard. You may want to check out this link to Mark Morton's The
> Lover's Tongue which also mentions kickshaw and its sexual context:
> http://io.uwinnipeg.ca/~morton/lovers_tongue.htm
> As to Yolande I'm still stuck. However, I do have an idea. A Yolande
> Beekman was part of an all women "spy team" during ww2 for Britain.
> http://www.iamheart.org/articles/noor-un-nisa4.html
> Dane Gill