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Fw: Pieces of Pnin
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> Greetings
> The recent mention of the Pnin film triggered the memory of a long
> question of mine:
> Was Pnin written in parts and later put together , or was it always
> to be a novel? I think I read somewhere (Strg Opns?) that VN had always
> meant Pnin to be a novel, but it is so broken up into separate sections I
> figured I must be wrong. Pnin seems to be often overlooked by
> readers,critics and even VN himself as it falls so close to Lolita and
> Fire and therefore I have not been able to find the aswer.
> Dane Gill
EDReply. Conceived as a novel but published in chapters in THE NEW YORKER.
There is an excellent analysis of the novel by Gennady Barabatarlo and
Galya Diment has written a fascinating short book on the man who served as
the prototype for the character.