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Re: needed: a mathematician (fwd) Euler (fwd)
------------------ ahem

I have a bachelor's degree of mathematics,
and one very minor published paper to my name

so until someone better comes along, here I am

Euler was the most prolific mathematician in
his complete works are still in the process of
being published (or were, the last time I checked,
which come to think of it, was 15 years ago)

his name occurs so often in mathematics that one
shouldn't think it stands for any unifying concept

beyond this, I would need to see the actual ADA
reference to say anything more concrete
-- Peter Hayes

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> Subject: needed: a mathematician
> To the list,
> I am an ignoramus when it comes to maths. But I had noted some
> references in Ada. At one point Van solves an "Euler problem" referring to
> the mathematician Leonhard Euler, Catherine the Great's mathematician who
> accompanied several Bernoullis from Basel to Petersburg.
> Last night I saw part of a program devoted to string theory and the Euler
> constant came up. A little googling lead to the discovery of something
> called "Euler triplets in supersymmetry." This is all totally beyond my
> comprehension.
> Is there a mathematician in the house?
> Carolyn
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