Vladimir Nabokov

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The Eye, Transparent Things (fwd)
------------------ Greetings
I have not seen very much (if any) mention of VN's two shortest novels on
the list (of course I only recently joined). I enjoyed both very much and
have yet to re-read them as I am currently busy plowing through Nabokov's
plays. I was just wondering if anyone cared to comment on either of these
novels; perhaps one is your fave of all VN's work, or "spoke" to you in a
way the other novels did not. I know for me, Transparent Things was a
concentration of most if not all of VN's themes (a poor and ambigious
comment, but that's why I'm asking for others to contribute) and that The
Eye was one of the funniest of VN's Russian work (Despair coming in a close
second). Dane Gill

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