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------------------ Carolyn:

Maybe I can help, though I don't have access to Ada or my books here at

There are a number of "Euler Problems." The problem usually given this name
concerns the movement of a point under attraction by two gravitational
centers, though I might be betraying my mechanics background.

Since Ada is not a work of mathematics, my guess is that this problem isn't
what Van has solved, but some variation on the Konigsberg Bridge Problem.
Euler showed that this was unsolvable, but there are many similar problems,
some of which are seen in puzzle books now and then.

Here is a link:


The Euler constant is the number (limit) towards which the following
sequence tends as n becomes very large:

1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 ... + 1/n - log n . It is approximately 0.577, and no
one knows yet if it is "rational", ie expressible as the ratio of two whole
numbers, like 1/2 or 16777/47474798.

This number is important in number theory, particularly as used to express
the "gamma function." A reasonable explanation:

As to "Euler Triplets" and super-symmetry, well, this is fairly rarified air
even for mathematicians. The mathematical physicist John Baez has mentioned
them in his posts "This Week in Physics". He works in quantum gravity and
other places where supersymmetry abounds.

You can find an archive here:


He's a very friendly sort, you might try emailing him, if you think there is
really a connection with Ada. Though this is fairly doubtful.


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To the list,

I am an ignoramus when it comes to maths. But I had noted some mathematical
references in Ada. At one point Van solves an "Euler problem" referring to
the mathematician Leonhard Euler, Catherine the Great's mathematician who
accompanied several Bernoullis from Basel to Petersburg.

Last night I saw part of a program devoted to string theory and the Euler
constant came up. A little googling lead to the discovery of something
called "Euler triplets in supersymmetry." This is all totally beyond my

Is there a mathematician in the house?


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