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> On an entirely un-Nabokovian note, I was overjoyed to
> see Ellroy's "L.A. Confidential" on the list. He's my
> bet for greatest working/"new" writer. The "L.A.
> Quartet" ("Black Dahlia," "The Big Nowhere," "L.A.
> Confidential," and "White Jazz") is a monumental
> achievement, maybe the only "noir" series to ACTUALLY
> trascend to the realm of high literature. All
> apologies to Mr. Chandler and Mr. Hammett, of course.
> -Rob

EDNOTE. Although Nabokov spoke harshly of the crime genre, he wrote a trio
of "German" novels that certainly fell on the edges of that genre--King,
Queen, Knave, Laughter in the Dark, and Despair. His correspondence with
Edmond Wilson shows that he was not above reading genre writing.