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Fw: Fw: mechanical lemniscates & VIPERS
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My reply to Andrew Brown:

Your message was not an imposition but a source of pleasure. Although my allegiance to Ferrari remains unshaken, I have followed the Viper program ever since what was supposed to be only a concept made its debut on the show circuit in 1989. I admire Bob Lutz in particular for having transformed concept into reality in short order in response to the extraordinary enthusiasm that greeted the prototype. Bob and I became friends when it turned out, at the Orlando Viper Invitational, that he could recite from memory more relatively obscure Nabokov than I.

I have bought four new Vipers: a red '93 roadster, which I brought to Switzerland, a red '94 that was made to produce 540 hp by the then-respected Mr. Hennessey and that I stilll keep in Palm Beach, and a beautiful blue, white-striped '96 GTS that a cooperative factory technician had secretly equipped with a 500 hp camshaft, which I sold to make way for one of the very special GT2 le Mans GTS-R replica coupes, only 99 of which were destined for sale, which I also still have. They have all been a joy on road and track. The red lemniscate coupe was one of Justin Bell's 500 hp school cars, and that was tire smoke.

How nice to meet a Viper colleague on Nabokv-L !

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I apologize for forcing myself on you like this, but your photograph encourages me to say that my professional work in automotive writing has included the composition of the U.S. national auto show materials for Dodge Viper. My art director partner raced his own Viper on U.S. tracks for several years before losing it in his divorce two years ago.

Stating this makes me feel like an obnoxious guy at a cocktail party, but I am proud of being able to follow literature to the extent that I do while living such a thick-skulled, non-academic life.