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Nabokov bibliography; Sergei Nabokov on Kutuzov query
EDNOTE. The Serge Nabokov referred to here is not VN's brother Sergey
Vladimirovch N., but Sergey Sergeyevich N, VN's first cousin who wrote
about (family) history.
Auteur(s) : Nabokov, Serge (1902-....)
Lastours, Sophie de
Titre(s) : Koutouzov [Texte imprimé] : le vainqueur de Napoléon / Serge
Nabokov, Sophie de Lastours
Publication : Paris : A. Michel, 1990
-Imprimeur / Fabricant : 85-Luçon : Impr. Pollina
Description matérielle : 332 p. : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 23 cm
Note(s) : Bibliogr. p. 329-332
Sujet(s) : Koutouzov , Mikhail Illarionovitch (1745-1813)
NABOKV-L thanksMM for his information.

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> Dear List,
> A search for "Nabokov" on amazon UK turned up this entry:
> "Koutouzov: Le vainqueur de Napoléon
> Serge Nabokov
> Availability: we are currently unable to offer this title. It may be out
> stock with the publisher or out of print. If you would like to purchase
> title, we recommend that you occasionally check this page to see if it has
> become available.
> Edition: Unknown Binding"
> Would anyone enlighten me on whether this is *the* Sergei Nabokov (i.e.
> Vladimir's brother)?
> I am currently working on an article (maybe short essay would be a better
> term) on Sergei Nabokov (in relation to VN's works) and this sort of
> might enliven the thing slightly. In "Speak, Memory" VN writes (about
> Sergei): "At six or seven he developed a passionate adulation, condoned by
> Mademoiselle, for Napoleon and took a little bronze bust of him to bed."
> (London: Penguin 1967, 198). This leads me to think he may be the author
> of such a book (or brochure, or whatever it is) - though Kutuzov seems one
> of the less plausible subjects. Grossman's article, my main source (apart
> from
> "SM" itself and Brian Boyd's monograph), does not mention anything of the
> sort. On the other hand, there are other Sergei Nabokovs to consider...
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> And now re Don Johnson's (often repeated) call for bibliographical
> information on forthcoming articles: Three of my articles on Nabokov are
> coming out shortly (whatever that means). They are all in Polish, I'm
> afraid:
> 1. "Dwujêzyczno¶æ w twórczo¶ci Vladimira Nabokova". An article on
> Nabokov's bilinguality in "Stylistyka".
> 2. "Moralno¶æ i realno¶æ. Asystent re¿ysera - komentarz z dygresjami". An
> article on "The Assistant Producer" in "Twórczo¶æ" (hence my long
> and still unanswered query on this list),
> 3. "M±¿ jako czytelnik. ¯e gdy raz w Aleppo... Vladimira Nabokova -
> propozycje lektury". An article on "That in Aleppo Once..." in "Teksty
> Drugie".
> I'll let you know more in a separate posting once any of these articles
> actually
> appears in print.
> Best regards,
> Maciej Mrozik