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> Hi, Don
> so now Tom found the correct name for what I could only name as
> or "cutaway" in the place of the frac/tails... The funny thing ( that´s
> words are for, isn´t it? Suggesting infinities of associations...) is
> the fractail is a coat that dovetails... And he mentioned the magician
> makes doves disappear! Quite an involutive motion of eating one´s tail
> disappearing in the same vanishing act...
> I began once more to read ADA. I found something "concrete" this time
> and it is so obvious that I´m certain it must have been pointed out
> Somewhere before page 47 in my Penguin ADA Van speaks about morning or
> afternoon as AM or PM...
> Isn´t there, in the am or pm , the word "amor" ( love?) already
> adumbtrated in their chiaroscuro games?
> Jansy
EDNOTE. It seems to me that linking AM &PM to "amor" is a bit of a stretch,
no? And what might proceed from it?