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Fw: more Bernoulli links to Pale Fire
more Bernoulli links to Pale Fire
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First my apologies to Pynchoner David Morris who found the Bernoulli lemniscate before I did.

Euclid discovered the number phi but Bernoulli discovered its relation first to the to the golden rectangle and then to the beautiful spiral that is formed by smaller and smaller golden rectangles built within each other -- the logarithmic spiral which he called miraculous.

Bernoulli ended his paper on this spiral with the words "eadem mutata resurgo semperdem [Though changed, I return over and over again the same]." These words (minus the un-Christian semperdem) are engraved on his tombstone in the cathedral in Berne.

If IPH = phi and Bernoulli discovered and named the lemniscate curve, then perhaps "eadem mutata resurgo" also has something to do with Pale Fire.