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Fw: Fw: souci d'eau, Golden Ass, Beauty & the Beast
EDnote. I don't follow Carolyn's logic here. I confess that I hadn't
realized that "copperhead" is the name of the reddish Amaranthus Keith
refers us to. Lucette is clearly linked to the marsh marigold and the kizil.
I have inserted photos of both at the bottom. It would be a nice project to
make a web herbarium of ADA's plants and flowers> Anyone interested?
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KEITH: Read 'our marsh marigold' as Lucette. .....the transformation of
> d'eau (our marsh marigold) into the asinine 'care of the water.'<<<
CAROLYN: It's not that simple. First of all, souci d'eau, the plant, thrives
> the water, so if Lucette is identified with the plant, it doesn't make
> that she would die in water.<<<
kEITH: It not only thrives in the water, it also dies in the water. The
wording of
> 'our march marigold' also echoes the wording of a direct comparison to a
> flower a few paragraphs earlier - Lucette as 'our darling copperhead.'
> http://www.cramersseeds.com/pages/amaranthuscop.htm
> Gold and/or plant are often associated with Lucette. A few examples:
> The lusterless whiteness of Ada's skin (at twelve, sixteen, twenty,
> thirty-three, et cetera) was incomparably rarer than Lucette's golden
> (at eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty-five, finis).
> 'Ménagez vos américanismes,' said the latter - and then opened his arms
> in paternal welcome as guileless Lucette trotted into the room with a
> s pink, stiff-bagged butterfly net in her little fist, like an oriflamme.
> ....the Crimean cornel, kizil', bloomed yellow among the arid rocks, bore
> odd resemblance to Lucette as she was to look ten years later.


souci d'eau / marsh marigold/ Caltha palustris /kaluzhnitsa

> Kizil / Siberian dogwood /(Cornus sibirica)