Vladimir Nabokov

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The St.-Petersburg Nabokov Museum
EDNOTE: The Nabokov Museum in Saint-Petersburg badly needs support at all levels. These contributions are tax-exempt for U.S. tax payers. Memberships start at $25 per year. Details and contact information below.

General Info:

The Friends of the Nabokov Museum organization was incorporated =
in the United States of America in November, 2002, with Mr.Dmitri =
Nabokov as Chairman and President of the FNM Board, Mr.Terry Myers as =
Vice President, and Prof. Brian Boyd as Director.

The Friends of the Nabokov Museum, Inc., will be actively =
involved in promoting the study of the works of Vladimir Nabokov in the =
United States and other countries in the world at colleges, =
universities, libraries, literary societies and generally in the public =
at large though the collaboration of the Vladimir Nabokov Museum in St. =
Petersburg. It is envisioned that the organization will focus on =
fund-raising and grant-making in the United States. The organization has =
a tax-exempt status. The incorporation was accomplished through the =
efforts of Jonathon R. Moore of Moore and Bruce, LLP.

The Nabokov Museum extends its special thanks to Mr. Terry =
Myers who was instrumental in setting up the FNM, Inc. Not only Mr. =
Myers' has provided generous financial support to the Nabokov Museum =
over the years, he has also donated precious first editions of works by =
Vladimir Nabokov and other books and memorabilia for the Museum's =

Membership Info:

Annual memberships are awarded to individuals who have =
reached 18 and who express their interest in the art and life of =
Vladimir Nabokov. Members are required to pay a non-refundable annual =
fee of $25 or more.

Members of the Friends of the Nabokov Museum, Inc.: $25 - =
Donors of the Nabokov Museum: $1,000-10,000
Patrons of the Nabokov Museum: 10,000 and up

Members receive unlimited free admission to the museum, =
invitation to exhibits openings, lectures, and special events; discounts =
on tuition and registration fees for the museum's academic programs. =
Your membership and additional contribution are fully tax-deductible.

The Nabokov Museum offers to sponsor a week-long stay in St. =
Petersburg and an extensive sightseeing program (with a focus on =
Vladimir Nabokov sites in St. Petersburg) to Patrons of the Nabokov =
Museum and their immediate families.

Invitation to join the board of the Friends of the Nabokov =
Museum, Inc., will be extended to individuals or corporations who made a =
gift of 50,000 or more to the FNM, Inc.

For information how to join Friends of the Nabokov Museum, =
Inc., please write to friendsofnabokov@sbcglobal.net.