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Fw: DN replies to Dane Gill's questions.
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1. It was 1947. We were blissfully summering in Estes Park, Colorado. I was thrteen. I accompanied my father on butterfly rambles, and climbed Long's Peak, my first serious mountain. Henry Holt had just published Bend Sinister, with its sinister, purple, lightning-streaked dust jacket. Father decided I was ready, and gave me a copy to read. It made a deep impression on me.

2. The first visit I made, or wanted to make, was in 1995. I was a guest at the "White Nights" of St-Petersburg, and treated royally. Besides the then-embryonic VN Museum at our former town house, I visited the only one of our country mansions still standing, although recently damaged by fire. It was promised to me, but nothing has come of that. I lectured at the Public Library, and was guest of honor at a formal ball at the Peterhof, more or less on the model of other times, to honor the reopening of its fountains, and sang there briefly with the great Irina Arhipova.


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I was just wondering:

1. What was the first VN novel you read, and at what age?

2. When did you first (if ever) visit Russia/USSR?

Thank You

Dane Gill