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Fw: Call for papers: American Lit. Assoc. conference,
SanFrancisco, 27-30 May
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Subject: Call for papers: American Lit. Assoc. conference, SanFrancisco,
27-30 May

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> The Nabokov Society will hold a session at the American Literature
> Association conference in San Francisco, 27-30 May. The topic will be
> any Nabokov work(s) originally written in English--that is, after he
> began to think of himself as an American author. Presenters should
> plan for 20-minute papers and address abstracts and inquiries to Charles
> Nicol by 15 January. (I'll also be attending the MLA Nabokov sessions
> if you have further questions.)
> Charles Nicol
> English Department
> Indiana State University
> Terre Haute, IN 47809
> As the campus post office will be shut down during the Christmas
> season, email may be a better choice.
> The ALA is an organization comprised of such groups as the Nabokov
> Society, and there are no annual membership dues for individuals, merely
> the conference registration fee. For more information, check their web
> site.