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Query: Russian Duel
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> Greetings
> I must admit my social, cultural, historical ignorance: What is a Russian
> Duel exactly (I mean that in a cultural sense). I mean is it really "I
> challenge you to a duel", and then the two people go out and shoot each
> other (or stab or whatever)? I cannot believe how crazy that is. While
> reading Boyd's biographies I came across several instances where both VN
> VDN "call out" someone. What is it about the Russians (and other nations?
> don't know) and their code of honor that would make a man with a wife and
> kid(s) risk his life over such trivial things? The duel also appears in
> fiction all over the place (ie "An Affair of Honor", Ada). I was hoping
> someone could give me a better understanding of the duel (culturally,
> historically). Please keep in mind that I have already admitted my
> and do not mean to offend anyone.
> Dane Gill
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