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Dear Don,

We are afraid we're a bit confused about whether you want us to get a copy for you (to be exact, for the library you mentioned) or not. Could you let us know, please.
We'd highly appreciate it if you could forward our list of Russian books devoted to VVN to the participants of Nabokov L . Some of these books could be found upon request.

Thank you very much in advance.
Best wishes, Andrey and Nina.

1."V.V.Nabokov: Pro et Contra", subtitle -"Personality and
Work of V.V.Nabokov in Appraisals of Russian and Foreign
Philosophers and Researchers.Anthology.", in two volumes.
Published by the Russian Christian Humanitarian Institute,
St. Petersburg, the run is 3000 copies ONLY. In Russian,
hard cover, about 600 - 700 pages.
An invaluable book for those people who are interested in
Nabokov, and for book-collectors.
Price: $ 60 US (Airmail postpaid).

2."The World and Talent of Vladimir Nabokov" ("Mir i Dar
Vladimira Nabokova") by Boris Nosik. Subtitle - "The first
Russian Biography".
The run was 21000 copies, hard cover, dust cover, 550
pages, some family photoes, published by "Penaty",
Moscow, St.Petersburg, 1993.In Russian.
Price: $ 15 US (Airmail postpaid).

3.Mulyarchik A.S. "Russkaya Proza Vladimira Nabokova",
published by "Izdatel'stvo Moscovskogo Universiteta", 1997,
in Russian, the run was 2000 copies.
In this monograph the author studies the prosaic works written
by Nabokov V.V. in the early 20s - the 40s, before Nabokov left
Western Europe for the United States.
Paperback, 137pages, approx. 15x21 cms in size.
Price: $13US (Airmail postpaid).

4.Nora Bukhs "Eshafot v Khrustal'nom Dvortse"
("Scaffold in a Cristal Palace")
subtitle "About Russian Novels by Vladimir Nabokov"
published by "Novoye Literaturnoye Obozreniye",
Moscow, 1998, translated into Russian from French.
hard cover, 280 pages.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 15US (postpaid).

5.Students' and Teachers' Book.
"V. Nabokov. Selected Works" Critical materials,
Published by AST, Moscow, 1998.
Hard cover, 640 pages, in Russian.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 13US (Airmail postpaid).

6.Olga Chervinskaya "Pushkin, Nabokov, Akhmatova: metamorphism russkogo
liricheskogo romana" ("Pushkin, Nabokov, Akhmatova: Metamorphism of the
Russian Lyrical Novel").
Published by Chernovitskii Gosudarstvennyi Universitet, Publishing house
"Ruta", the city of Chernovtsy, the Ukraine, 1999, in Russian, 152 pages,
Condition: new.
Price: $ 12US (Airmail postpaid).

7.Michail Shul'man, essai "Nabokov pisatel'. Manifest" ("Nabokov, a
Published by "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", Moscow, 1998, in Russian, about 100
pages, paperback, dust jacket.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 14US (Airmail postpaid).

8."Nabokovskii Vestnik" of Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg,
issue 2: "Nabokov v Rodstvennom Okruzhenii"
("Nabokov among Relatives").
Published by "Dorn", St. Petersburg, 1998, in Russian, about 150 pages,
History and genealogy of the families.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 15US (Airmail postpaid).

9."Nabokovskii Vestnik" of Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg, issue 3:
Published by "Dorn", St. Petersburg, 1998, in Russian, about 200 pages,
The issue is devoted to the places where Nabokov lived and worked.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 15US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

10."Nabokovskii Vestnik" of Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg, issue 4:
"Peterburgskie Chteniya" ("Petersburg Readings").
Published by "Dorn", St. Petersburg, 1998, in Russian, about 200 pages,
Contains 21 articles devoted to different aspects of Nabokov's work.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 15US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

11.Magazine "Zvezda", #4, 1999.
Published in St. Petersburg.
The whole issue is devoted to Nabokov's jubilee.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 20US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

12. Jean Blot "Nabokov"
published by "Blits", St. Petersburg, 2000,
translated from French into Russian,
240 pages, hard cover, pocket size.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 15US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

13. "Nabokov's Paradise Lost", subtitled
"The Family Estates in Russia".
Published by "Liga Plus", St. Petersburg, 1999,
an album, about 18x22 cm in size, high quality print,
about 150 pages, hard cover, translated from Russian into English.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 35US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

14."Nabokovskii Vestnik", issue 5, published by "Dorn", St. Petersburg,
2000, paperback.
Condition: new.
Price: $15 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

15. "Klassik bez retushi" ("Classic without Retouching")
edited by N. Mel'nikov,
published by "Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie",
Moscow: , 2000. pp. 682, hard cover, in Russian.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 30US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

16."The Life and Works of Sebastian Khight", edited by V.P. Stark,
published by "The Zvezda Magazine Publishing House", St. Petersburg, 1999,
in Russian and English, 71 pages, paperback, pocket size. ISBN
Price: $ 22 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

17.Issue 3 of Magazine "Vyshgorod" published
in Tallinn, 1999, in Russian
The issue is devoted to V.V. Nabokov.
Condition: new, but there's a 5mm tear on the bottom of the front of the

18. The Russian Academy of Sciences and Nabokov Foundation:
Martynov, G.G. "V.V. Nabokov: Bibliographicheskii Ukazatel'" ("V.V.
Nabokov: Bibliography Guide"), published by "Folio-Press", St. Petersburg,
2001, in Russian, 496 pages, illustrated with Nabokov's drawings, hard
cover 22x14 cm in size. The run is 700 copies.
Foreword by Martynov, G.G., introductory article by Stark, V.P.. The Guide
covers Russian Language publications in the USSR, Russia, states of the CIS
and the Baltic states and is the first Russian complete list of sources.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 35US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

19.Gurbolikova O.A. "Taina Vladimira Nabokova" ("A Secret of Vladimir
Nabokov"), a bibliography sketch, published by "Rossiiskaya
Gosudarstvennaya Biblioteka", Moscow, 1995, in Russian, 248 pages,
Condition: as new.
Price: $ 18 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

20. Gregorii Hasin "Teatr Lichnoi Tainy" ("Theatre of Personal Secret"),
subtitled "Russian Novels by Vladimir Nabokov, published by "Letnii Sad",
Moscow-St. Petersburg, 2001, in Russian, 188 pages, paperback.
ISBN 5-94381-012-9.
A scientific and publicistic edition; a philosophical approach to Nabokov literature.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 15US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

21. Staroe Literaturnoe Obozrenie (Old Literature Review), #1, 2001,
published in Moscow, in Russian, 224 pages, paperback, 26x20,5 cm
in size, illustrated.
The first block of the issue (93 pages) is undertitled
"Vladimir Nabokov at the end of the Century" and contains 18 articles
devoted to VVN.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 20US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

22. Ephim Kurganov "lolita i Ada" published by publishing house of
Zvezda magazine, St. Petesburg, 2001, in Russian, hard cover,
dust jacket, pocket size, about 100 pages. ISBN 5-94214-008-1.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 16US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

23. Berberova, Izbrannye proizvedeniia: Nabokov i ego "Lolita". Chaikovskii.
Zheleznaia zhenshchina. Rasskazy v izgnanii.
Published by Sabashnikov's Publishing House, Moscow, 2001, in Russian, hard cover, 672 pages
ISBN: 5824200858
Condition: new.
Price: $ 22US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

24.Zverev, Alexei "Nabokov", published by "Molodaya Gvardiya", Moscow, 2001, in Russian, hard cover, 453 pages, black/white photoes. ISBN 5-235-02431-1.
The book belongs to the popular series "Zhizn' Zamechatel'nykh Lydei" ("Life of Remarkable People").
This is a biography of V.V.Nabokov written by Zverev, a well-known specialist in literature.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 20US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

25.E. Zamiatin, A.N. Tolstoi, A. Platonov, V. Nabokov.
Author's : Krasukhin, G.G., red.
City: Moskva
Pages: 128
ISBN: 521104259X
Publication Date: 2000
Publisher: Moskovskii gos. universitet
Condition: new.
Price: $ 8 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

26.1.Bryan Boyd "Nabokov. Biography", vol.1, "Russian Years",
published by "Simposium", St. Petersburg, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta",Moscow, 2001,
hard cover, dust jacket, about 695 pages.
ISBN 5-86712-074-0
ISBN 5-89091-177-5
Condition: new.
Price: $ 33US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

26.2. Bryan Boyd "Nabokov. Biography", vol.2"The American Years".
Published by "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", "Simpozium", 2004, in Russian, 928
pages, illustrated, ISBN 5-86712-170-4, 5-89091-232-1, hard cover, dust
Condition: new.
Price: $ 33US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

27.Berberova N.N. A set of works "Unknown Berberova"
Published by "Limbus Press" St. Petersburg,1998, in Russian, 287 pages,
hard cover, it contains a critical essay "Nabokov i Ego "Lolita"", ISBN
Condition: new.
Price: $ 17US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

28."Nabokov o Nabokove i Prochem" ("Nabokov about Nabokov and other things"),
published by "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", Moscow, 2002, in Russian, 704 pages,
illustrated, hard cover. ISBN 5-86712-134-8.
Edited and comprised by Melnikov, N.G.
Conditon: new.
Price: $ 26US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

29.L.N. Tselkova "V.V.Nabokov in life and works", a public scientific edition
for schools, published by "Russkoe Slovo", 2001, in Russian, illustrated,
128 pages, paperback, ISBN 5-8253-0169-0.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 13US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

30.N. Anastas'ev "Vladimir Nabokov. Odinokii Korol'" ("Vladimir Nabokov. A
Single King", published by "Centrpoligraf", Moscow, 2002, 525 pages,
hard cover, a block of bl/white photos in the text, in Russian.
ISBN 5-227-01947-9
Condition: new.
Price: $ 20US Registered Airmail postpaid.

31.Stacy Schiff "Vera", published by "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", Moscow, 2002,
translated into Russian, 616 pages, hard cover, illustrated. ISBN
Condition: new.
Price: $ 25US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

32. Maria Malekova "V.Nabokov. Auto-bio-graphia", published by
"Akademicheskii Projekt", St. Petersburg, 2002, in Russian, 234 pages,
paperback. ISBN 5-7331-0270-5. The book gives an analysis of Nabokov's
autobiograpic writing.
Condition: new.
Price: $16 US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

33. Thomas Urban "Nabokov v Berline" (Nabokov in Berlin"), published by
Agraf, 2004, hard cover, 256 pages,
ISBN 5-7784-0289-9.
Condition: new.
Price: $16US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

34. "Russkaya literatura v XX veke: imena, problemy, culturnyi dialog" ("The
Russian Literature in the XXth Century: names, problems, cultural
dialogue") published by the State Philological University of Tomsk, issue 2
"Nabokov v kontekste russkoi literatury XX veka" ("Nabokov in the context
of the Russian Literature of the XXth Century"),
paperback, 126 pages, Tomsk, 2000, ISBN 5-7511-1110-9.
Condition: as new.
Price: $ 30US(Registered Airmail postpaid).

35.Ryaguzova, L.N.: Sistema esteticheskikh i teoretiko-literaturnykh
ponyatii V.V. Nabokova. Ponjatijno-terminologicheskii slovar', in Russian,
paperback, published in Krasnodar: Kuban. gos. un-t 2001. 140 pp. The run
is 100 copies.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 25US(Registered Airmail postpaid).

36.G.Barabtarlo "Sverxayushchii obruch" ("Glittering hoop" ,
The book is devoted to VVN.
published by "Giperion",S. Petersburg, 2003, in Russian, paperback,pocket
size,324 pages.Run is1000. ISBN 5-89332-084-0
Condition: new.
Price: $ 21US (Registered Airmail postpaid).