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FW: Marie Louise & Napoleon

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Dear Akiko,

Thank you for writing to me. I haven't read TT, so I only glancingly read
through the notes regarding it. Actually Jansy has shown me (and the
Encyclopedia Britannica!) to be wrong. It turns out that two of
Marie-Louise's out of wedlock children were born during Napoleon's lifetime.
I can't judge of course if this has anything to do with TT.

By the way, it does turn out that Neipperg was one-eyed. And I recall
someone in the TT discussion asked if Captain Hook (Peter Pan) wore an eye
patch. Perhaps the story is apropos?

Thanks, too, for the Holiday greetings which I heartily return!


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Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 18:48:33 +0900
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Carolyn, thank you and sorry. After sending the mail below to Don (Listserve
ignores me), I reread my posting to which you replied. It was really

Happy holidays!


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