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I think it's obvious that VN was Professor X and that he ran a school for
gifted mutants. The book writing bit was just a cover up. . . his work was
ghost written by Borges. . .or should I say Wolverine?

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>As a reader of the X-Men in my youth I've always chalked this up as
> There seems to be little resemblence between Kinbote and Professor X. I
>unaware of a possible common source but it wouldn't surprise me.
>M. Mulhern
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>My brother John Nicol has quoted to me part of an entry from a Wikipedia
>(an "open-source" encyclopedia) on PALE FIRE:
>...the story of Charles Xavier, the deposed king of the "distant
>northern land" of Zembla. The reader soon realizes that Kinbot is
>Charles Xavier, living incognito--or that he is insane and his
>identification with Charles and perhaps all of Zembla are his delusions.
> (
>He has gone on to point out that Charles Xavier is the name of
>Professor X of the X-Men, and that X-Men #1 came out in 1963, the year
>after the publication of Pale Fire.
>As far as I can tell, Stan Lee is not an anagram of Vladimir Nabokov,
>but is this merely coincidence, indication of a common source, or a
>hidden fan letter?
>Anyhow, Happy Holidays to all.
>Charles X. Nicol
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