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Re: Fwd: TT-25 Akiko's Notes
I have been having another set of mail problems on my computer,
and have not been able to catch up, now that I am (as of
yesterday) back on-line. Rather than confuse all (including
myself) I'll just start by posting my usual personal
suggestions to Chapter 25: later I'll read and reply to
other postings. (I note a couple of topics that have led
to vigorous discussion, and I may delete those from these
notes, and return to them later.)Pretend it's 8 December,
and all I have are Akiko's notes. Please remember that
I make no serious claims about my observations.


Donald B. Johnson wrote:
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94.01 "pilgrimage" again one of the pervasive threads of TT, in-
cluding "romeo" in its meaning of "pilgrim"

94.13 Akiko here uses the term "shallet", for which I only knew
the spelling "chalet": and unfortunately I first thought of
"shallot", a word for a type of onion. Sorry

95.18 "should be imagined as three little figures in profile"

A reminder that Nabokov's "imagination" is a visual one,
as seems true for most people (but not all).

97.03-04 "gal is nothing but a unit of acceleation"

i.e. one centimeter per second per second (I had learned the
English measurement based figure of sixteen feet per second
per second. "gal" is of course slang for "girl"

98.10 "I am"

do we hear a Biblical echo here? or perhaps also
think of e. e. cummings' "eimi"?

98.19 "l'aiguillon rouge"

I don't mean to take issue to the material I have noticed
in the discussion, but to add a smidgen to it: Rabelais
"and others writing in French) have used the word "aiguilloon"
as meaning penis. See Farmer's _Vocabula Amatoria_ and
_Slang and its Analogs_, which has a list of French
equivalents for this, s.v. "prick". I seem to recall
that Ada has a rather phallic caterpillar.

That's about all for now. I'll catch up on the dialogue
and perhaps join it, although late.



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