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Fwd: Moore/Romeo/moor

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Dear Akiko and List,

Akiko, you asked me why I didn´t mention yesterday the Venetian Moor ( in Julia
Moore) in connection to my references to Shakespeare which you´d already
brought up at the list.
I thought that the "balcony scenes" in Romeo and Juliet traversed Transparent
Things, insistently. They were not casual references suggested by the words
The color green in Othello is also important as "that green-eyed monster" and
establishes a second link to the "venetian blinds/moor" allusions. But I´m not
as familiar with Shakespeare as I should be...
I was fascinated with the connection bt. green and virginity, as it also extends
to Lucette in ADA. Also the Moon and Sun alternations. Dawn.Ascensions. Falls.
There was another reference to Juliet which only when thinking about your mail
then occurred to me. There is a paragraph about a "sleeping beauty and a
dragon´s climb" and, of course, Juliet was another sleeping beauty, not only
Princess Aurora ( Dawn!) and Snow-white with the apple-bite of the children´s
fairy- stories.
It seems that VN managed to embrace all these things to create something rather
novel while commenting on "authoring" !
Thank you,

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