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On page 180 of Freud´s 1919 article " A Child is Being Beaten" ( Strachey´s Standard Edition, vol.XVII)

"Though in the higher forms at school the children were no longer beaten, the influence of such occasions was replaced and more than replaced by the effects of reading, of which the importance was soon to be felt. In my patients´milieu it was always the same books whose contentes gave a new stimulus to the beating-phantasies: those accessible to young people, such as chat was known as the 'Bibliothèque Rose, Uncle Tom´s Cabin' ,etc. The child began to compete with these works of fiction by producing his own phantasies and by constructing a wealth of situations and institutions, in chich children were beaten, or were punished and disciplined in some other way, because of their naughtiness and bad behavior.
The phantasy - 'a child being beaten1 - was invariably cathected with a high degree of pleasure and had its issue in an act of pleasurable auto-erotic satisfaction. It might therefore...

There is a note at the mention of the "Bibliothèque Rose" which reads: [ "A well-known series of books by Mme. de Ségur, of which Les Malheurs de Sophie was perhaps the most popular" ]