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DN on Sabbath question in "Signs & Symbols"
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Dear Don (please post),

The discussion of the nuances of Jewishness and the correct observance of the Sabbath as reflected in "Signs and Symbols" has been entertaining, and, particularly with respect to the contributions of Alexander Dolinin and Anthony Stadlen, very astute. However, before one convokes a plenum of Talmudic scholars, he should consider the likelihood that the essence of Nabokov's story is elsewhere -- for example, in the poetry of pity, the play of detail, the imperfect congruence of pluri-level plot. And, if one is still at sixes and sevens, there is always the possibility that Homer nodded. My parents' feelings -- and mine -- toward religions in general, and to all choral expressions of devotion, as opposed to nostalgic snippets of family tradition, are something I hope to discuss soon from a different soapbox. But please, Jansy, spare me self-anointed polymath D. Hofstadter.