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Re: Fwd: VN on the Russian language
"An Evening of Russian Poetry" has some lovely meditations. And most universtiy
libraries have a copy of *Poems and Problems*.

ednote.Yes, "An evening f Russian poetry is particular

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> Hello,
> I am looking for any discussion of VN's in which he describes the Russian
> language and/or the English language.
> I have (re)located his plangent paragraph on this subject from a 1967 _Paris
> Review_ interview, but I seem to recall his memorably describing one or both
> languages on other occasions as well. I am combing the Web and am about to
> begin sifting through the introductions to his novels and translations, but a
> direct sign post to the specific location of more of his words on the matter
> would be very much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Alyssa Pelish
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> EDNOTE. Dear Assyla Shilep there is actually a good bit about VN's views on
> language. The first things that come to mind are Jane Grayson's _Nabokov
> Translated_ Elizabeth Beaujour's _Alien Tongues: Bilingual Russian Writers of
> the First Emigration_. Also, take a look at the Index to Strong Opinions in
> the
> ZEMBLA web site. I encourage NABOKOVellians to send in their references.
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