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Fwd: Re: ADA portraits. Mary O'Reilly = Mary Louise O'Murphy
John, I fear I´m lost. Wasn´t Mary Reilly a governess at the Jekyll and Hyde
establishment? At least, I remember Julia Roberts in that role - and I
haven´t yet checked my RLS nor VN´s lecture.
The Irish ´O... well, there is Pauline (!!!) Reage (a pseudonym for
Dominique Aury ) who published "Histoire d ´O", a novel that shared the same
editor and underwent the same difficulties as VN´s Lolita ...

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Subject: ADA portraits. Mary O'Reilly = Mary Louise O'Murphy

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> On page 41.3-5 of Ada is mentioned, "Prince Vyeslav
> Zemski...portrayed in rich oil holding his barely [nice
> ambiguity?] pubescent bride...." In the family tree the
> dates show that that bride was fiftee years of age. The
> prince's son Peter married one Mary O Reilly, and fathered
> in turn a Peter [honestly!] who also wedded a fifteen
> year old Dolly [anticipated by the doll in her grandmother's
> portrait?].
> My nominations for either of the fifteen year old
> brides would actually be the Irish girl in a Boucher portrait
> "of a fifteen-year-old
> Irish girl, Mary Louise O'Murphy, with her beautiful red
> hair. She was Casanova's mistress at the time. The
> painting is thought to have been a job application to
> become the King's mistress. It must have worked since
> she subsequently was mistress to the King of France and
> bore him two children. The painting is in the Alte
> Pinkothek in Munich, in other words, Art with a
> capital A, and spoken in reverent tones so no one
> seems to care. Or the famous American statue of
> Justice, nude from the waist up, was modeled on a
> lovely fifteen-year-old woman, also thought to be the
> artist's lover."
> All this quoted from somewhere on the net. I'm going to
> try attaching a jpeg of that protrait, and if I'm
> successful, you will be also pleased by the view of
> this young lady the artist has chosen. Let me know
> of this attachment comes through (or not)
> Cheers
> John
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> EDNOTE. Hmmm...Many thanks to John Rea for this item. I know the Boucher
> painting but had not seen the possible link to ADA.


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