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Fwd: VN on the Russian language

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I am looking for any discussion of VN's in which he describes the Russian
language and/or the English language.

I have (re)located his plangent paragraph on this subject from a 1967 _Paris
Review_ interview, but I seem to recall his memorably describing one or both
languages on other occasions as well. I am combing the Web and am about to
begin sifting through the introductions to his novels and translations, but a
direct sign post to the specific location of more of his words on the matter
would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Alyssa Pelish
EDNOTE. Dear Assyla Shilep there is actually a good bit about VN's views on
language. The first things that come to mind are Jane Grayson's _Nabokov
Translated_ Elizabeth Beaujour's _Alien Tongues: Bilingual Russian Writers of
the First Emigration_. Also, take a look at the Index to Strong Opinions in the
ZEMBLA web site. I encourage NABOKOVellians to send in their references.

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