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Fwd: TT Lammerspitz and Rimperstein

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Thank you, Mary and Jansy, for your notes about Lammerspitz and Rimperstein.
Indeed, Rimperstein alludes to "Rumpelstiltzchen" and his challenge "You
cannot guess my name!"

It just occurred to me later that the names could be from "Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern," the meanings of the names are different, though (Of course,
the "Wittenberg" reminds me of them). A pitiable pair who are always
mistaken by the King probably because their names are similarly beautiful.
Lammerspitz and Rimperstein sound like to parody them. And their lives are
shown "as dull as delirium" by Tom Stoppard.

Hamlet could be more important in TT than I had thought. I will write a
little more about it later.


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