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Re: Fw: time synchronizatio: coin
EDNOTE. Alyssa's idea crossed my minf as well.

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I wonder if it's worth bringing up, on a related note, VN's (or Pnin's, at
least) interest in the subtly skewed presentation of time in _Anna Karenina_.
I think (though this may be a misplaced memory) he discusses this in his
lecture on the latter novel. Seems to be part of a general fascination with
time and patterns throughout time.
Just thought I'd toss that out.

Alyssa Pelish

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Hi, Don,
I wonder if the text below can interest you and the List. I´ll send it on
The idea is to bring out VN´s fascination with J.Joyce´s synchronization
The lines in TT about the cockshuttle ( that appears twice, at least, after an
interval of eight years), together with the theme of "picking up coins" can be
associated to VN´s Lecture on James Joyce, when VN comments about
Part two, ch. 7 of "Ulysses":

" in the second section the synchronization begins (...) See the technique? It
is now three. Kelleher sends a silent jet of hayjuice (...)and at the same time
in another part of the town a generous white arm ( Molly Bloom´s) from a window
in Eccles Street, three miles away to the northwest, flings forth a coin to the
one-legged sailor who has by now reached Eccles Street (...) Lenehan´s walking
(...) is synchronized with Molly Bloom replacing the card advertising an
unfurnished apartment that has slipped from the sash when she opened it to
fling the one-legged sailor a penny.
And since at that same time Kelleher was talking...(...) we conclude with a
tinge of artistic pleasure that sections 2,3 and 9 occurred simultaneously in
different places.
( pag.331/332 or 3:00 o´clock ) F. Bowers ed.1980.

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