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Re: Fwd: TT-20 Introductory Notes. Comments
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Editor comment:

>. . .In the same paragraph I am puzzled by the proleptic "DEADLY (??)white
>papers" HP leaves behind. Why are the papers "deadly". Of course the chapter
>ends in death, but so far as I can see, the white papers are not echoed in the
>chapter. Is there something deadly in Mr. R's text hat HP is checking?

Could "deadly white" be a change on "dead white", a color that in some
other text or context might be "pure white" or "flat white"? The phrases
are equally proleptic (a word I had to look up); the change catches extra

The OED entry for "dead colour" includes this: "The dead-colour is the
first or preparatory painting, and is so termed because the colours are
laid cold and pale to admit of the after-paintings."

I find no special entry for "dead white".

Mary Krimmel

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