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Hello, Miriam

I have found several references in LOLITA to " El Cid" ( Ronsard´s, I
suppose) but they are not easy to trace since sometimes there is a line from
El Cid in the middle of an apparently ordinary and unrelated sentence, or
the name of his Lady that appears almost disconnected from the rest of the

I´ve also been wondering if one of the names for the marsh marigold which
has been was left out while at the same time VN offered lots of synonims for
them in ADA ( I mean: "Kingcup") could not be a pointer to any Grail myth.

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> On the topic of Cervantes, I am looking for any articles that identify a
> chivalry theme in Nabokov's novels. I have heard that a study was done
> on chivalry in The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, but I have had trouble
> finding it. Any assistance along those lines would be helpful.
> Miriam
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> > 1582 for the Gregorian shift in Catholic countries, but not till 1752 in
> > England. Read Thomas Pynchon's "Mason and Dixon" for a fantastic
> > chapter set
> > in the "skipped" days of 1752.
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