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Re: Fwd: Re: TT-20 Anatomy lesson
Is it worth noting that behind and a little below the Adam's apple on the
front of the neck sits the thyroid gland, which is "butterfly-shaped" in
some medical textbooks? It's involved in keeping the metabolic rate up,
principally, although I don't know if this is relevant.


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>For what it's worth:
> The triangular depression on the front of the neck, below the lower
>portion of the Adam's apple [cricoid cartelage] and the lateral
>sternocleidomastoid muscles is called the jugular notch.
> [The depression below the protuberance on the back of the skull -
>The Inion - is formed by the thin tendonous attachment of the trapezius
> What's his name when he's at home? Other than the vernacular "going
>for the jugular" - which probably refers to the vulnerable windpipe at
>this spot - I think they await an artistic nomenclature.

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