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Fw: Kingcup & marygolds (Ada)

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From: Jansy Berndt de Souza Mello
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Dear Don
I did a lot of research on "marygold" but the best source was actually my grandchildren´s book of " Flower Fairies" ( trust a British lady to know her way in Botany!) where I not only discovered the marigold and the buttercup fairy, but the Kingcup fairy. The latter is a synonim of "marsh marygold" and I now wonder why Nabokov didn´t use this simpler option instead of those "maybubbles" or "maryblooms" ( beside his intention of pointing to Boyd´s idea on Joyce and Bloom ...)
I´ve collected a few informations on this traditional Kingcup but I´ll not mail them and risk cluttering your email. You can easily google it and reach them if you only type in " Kingcup"...
I hope my messages are coming through? This here I´ll mail to the VN-List too, just to ascertain that you get it and to enable you to inform me if the other messages have arrived ( I mailed them yesterday ).