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Fw: Van Eyck picture from PNIN
EDNOTE. Here, again, I am trying to send the charming picture that goes with Sandy Drescher's posting.

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Sunday evening 8.46 EST-

A nice item but,alas, the picture vanished when I tried to forward it to the list. COuld you resend it?

The image was a JPEG composed in Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1 for Apple. For reasons beyond my technical ken, such images sometimes disappear into the ether of this Windowed world. [I will append a duplicate of what I sent previously at the bottom of this note: let me know if it works on a second try.] If not, I think I can convert it to a Windows compatible file and send that on to you, tomorrow.

I didn't know of your interest in painting in VN. I have a long, rough, semi-edited essay that I have to mop up for a publisher. If you would care to exercise your expertise, I can send it to you. Best, DOn

I will own up to interest but demur on expertise. It would be a great pleasure to see your essay. -Sandy