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Re: Fwd: ADA: hysteria - hysteritis
Hi, Tomasz

I couldn´t find the pun.
Also I don´t understand why the correct translation should be "hysteritis",
instead of "hysteria". I always understood that without wearing panties and
riding freely on the branches Ada´s body should carry lots of webs and
moss.I never thought that she´d be unhealthy, only dirty.

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> While translating Ada into Polish, I've noticed in my notes a pun,
> unnoticed in Boyds' Annotations to Ada.
> ADA Part 1, Chapter 15, 95.09-11
> "when Van removed a silk thread of larva web from his lip and remarked
> that such negligence of attire was a form of hysteria."
> In my opinion, what Van actually has in mind is hysteritis, inflamation of
> uterus. It might not be a major issue, but every translator of Ada should
> take it into account, I think. I'm actually punning on some other
> affliction, but still.
> Cheers,
> Tomasz
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