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Fwd: Appel corrected re Charlotte Haze

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Subject: Appel corrected re Charlotte Haze

Dear Don,

I've been reading Appel's Annotated Lolita. I find it less helpful than I
had hoped (very helpful if you have no French). Appel allows that wicked VN
to get away with murder (if VN told Appel that he hadn't read a story in
which a character's name is Lolita, Appel passes this along as the truth). I
am not so sanguine. He also passes over many VNisms that call for some

Be all that as it may, there is the small mistake of actresses I would like
to correct. The actress who died in an airplane crash is not Marlene
Dietrich, but Carole Lombard. (II chapter 8: " 'Somebody told me her [Lo's]
mother was a celebrated actress killed in an airplane accident.' ")

Oh, that reminds me, Charlotte Haze's maiden name turns out to be something
ordinary like Baxter - - sorry, Becker (I ch 19). Nothing celtish about
that, a lass.


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