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NABOKOV Bibliography: Ole Nyegaard. Poshlust and High Art: A
Reading of Nabokov's Aesthetics
For the bibliography:
Orbis Litterarum Volume 59 Issue 5 (Page 341-365), October 2004 has an article
on Nabokov.

The abstract goes like this:

"Poshlust and High Art: A Reading of Nabokov's Aesthetics"
Ole Nyegaard

This is a study of the philistine - or the poshlyak- in Nabokov's fiction with
focus on Lolita. The concept of poshlost and philistinism holds a special
position in his novels and essays. The Russian tradition from which Nabokov
drew for his version of the concept is outlined and then compared with other
related terms, in order to define it more sharply. The aim is to analyze how
Nabokov deploys the concept, not so much as a cultural concept but more as a
literary device and finally what this reveals about Nabokov's aesthetics.

The journals hompage can be found at:

(Unfortunately, the list of works cited has some major holes. The fault is all
Ole Nyegaard

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