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Fwd: RE: RE: ADA online
Dear All,
ADAonline has again been updated. To check out the additions, go to:

Annotations to the first 19 chapters, all revised from the versions in the
Nabokovian, are now online, along with the text for 41 of the novel's 69
chapters. Thanks to our international team of volunteers, additional
chapters of the novel's text will be added as they are encoded.

Additional chapters of the annotations will come online two years after
their publication in The Nabokovian: I.20, therefore, at the end of
The Motifs index is now complete as far as I.19, and hyperlinked to the
annotations, and should start to become a research tool in its own right.

Some illustrations are already available for the annotations to I.1. Many
more pictures will come online over the coming months.

Brian Boyd
Jeff Edmunds

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