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[Query] Pierre Dommergue's interview with VN
Dear Nabokovians,

Does anyone have the full text of the original French conversation
Dommergues, Pierre: "Vladimir Nabokov: Échec au réel." *Le Monde *(Paris),
no. 7110, 2-Nov-67, p.iv-v.
"Notes et Documents: Entretien avec Vladimir Nabokov" [Notes and documents:
Conversation with Vladimir Nabokov]. *Les Langues Modernes* (Paris), 62
(1), Jan-Feb 1968, pp. 92-102.

Is it perhaps translated in English and where if so? Unfortunately I have
access only to the Russian translation and need to cite an excerpt in
Thank you very much in advance!

Best wishes,

Witold Gombrowicz Forum <>
Humanities Seminar <>

Ja jestem *self-made man* literatury!
Witold Gombrowicz

Caress the details [...] the divine details.
Vladimir Nabokov

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