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Fw: Nabokov & Bakhtin

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Recently someone in the list asked about Vladimir Nabokov and Bakhtin and how much did VN know about the latter.
One of Bakhtin specialists, Michael Holquist, wrote a primer called "Dialogism" ( Routledge,Taylor& Francis Group, London and NY),2002.
On page 123 there is a reference by Holquist to VN concerning Gogol´s "Notes of a Madman".
I quote:
" Gogol´s laying bare of chronology, or story, as a conventional device ( even if a necessary device) in this particular tale typifies much of his other work as well: so much so, that Nabokov, in his little volume on Gogol ( Gogol, New Directions, 1958), merely imitates his hero in beginnning with his death and ending with his birth. Gogol´s experiments with story/plot opposition are pertinent to any attempt to understand the history of chronotopes, in their capacity as recurring, transcultural, narrative patterns" .