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I pass on the following item from Johnson's Russia List:

Johnson's Russia List
28 September 2004 and
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Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004
Subject: Art Opening in Moscow September 29 at the Tretyakov: Oleg
From: "Marc David Miller" <>

There will be an art opening in Moscow, Russia at the State Tretyakov
Gallery's House of Artists on Wednesday, September 29. It is "Oleg
Vassiliev: Memory Speaks (Themes and Variations)", a retrospective of
life work of Oleg Vassiliev, encompassing his work from 1949 to 2004,
including paintings, installations, and works on paper.

"Oleg Vassiliev: Memory Speaks (Themes and Variations)" is the first
exhibition in Russia of works by Oleg Vassiliev, and marks the artist's
return to his homeland for the first time since emigrating in 1990. The
exhibition will be on display through October 31, 2004. It will travel
later to the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. This show is
both to the art world and to the Russian art scene, as it will
Oleg Vassiliev's works in their entire scope to art collectors and
admirers, as well as to a new generation of Russians who grew up in the
post-perestroika era.

Oleg Vassiliev was born in 1931 in Moscow and now lives and works in New

York. From 1947 to 1952, he studied at art school, and in 1958 he
from the V.I. Surikov State Art Institute, Moscow, where he specialized
graphic art. From the 1950s to the 1980s Oleg Vassiliev, together with
Bulatov, illustrated children's books as a team for thirty-three years.
Time not spent on book illustrating ? approximately six months a year ?
devoted to creative work for themselves. In the 1960s, Vassiliev
investigated painting itself as an instrument to explore its space, its
relationship to surface and border, the energy flow in the picture, and
transformation of subject and space, using Favorsky's system as the
as well as the interactions of the surface-space in the canvas.
principal themes, which were born while he was in Russia and continue to

the present day, are his memories of home and houses, roads, forests,
fields, friends and family.

From the late 1980s and continuing to now, Vassiliev's art had been
exhibited throughout Europe, including shows in Germany, Norway,
Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, and the United States.

The exhibition has been organized by two of the leading museums in
the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, and the State Russian Museum, St.
Petersburg, and co-organized and co-curated by Natalia Kolodzei of the
Kolodzei Art Foundation. In addition, it has the support of The Ministry
Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, the Federal
Agency of Culture and Cinematography, and the Ludwig Museum in the
Museum, St. Petersburg. The exhibition brings together works from
and private collectors. Oleg Vassiliev: Memory Speaks (Themes and
Variations) is a journey of intellectual and creative exploration of the

artist's career from 1949 to the present day. "Memory Speaks" in the
is an allusion to Vladimir Nabokov's "Speak, Memory"; literary
references are important for understanding Vassiliev's work and psyche.

The opening reception will be Wednesday, September 29, 2004 from 4:00
8:00 PM at the State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val, near Park
If you wish to attend, please send me an email (with the names of
attendees) by Tuesday, September 28 and wait for the confirmation email.

Please take the confirmation email with you (don't just show up, as your

name needs to be on the guest list). Further information on the
can be found at or The
Exhibition is from September 29-October 31 daily, except for Monday.

Marc David Miller
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