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EDNOTE. ADAonline at on
ZEMBLA is growing apace. It is an absolutely essential tool for those studying
(or merely reading) ADA. It includes both the text of the novel plus BRian
Boyd's exhaustive annotations.

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From Brian Boyd via Jeff Edmunds <>:

Dear All,

ADAonline, which is edging toward 1700 hits since the counter went in (some
time after the first flurry following the site's launch), has been
considerably updated since the last announcement. It is pleasing to see so
many ADAphiles and curiosity-seekers exploring the site.

To add to the number, go to:

If there were a need for further proof of Nabokov's international appeal,
it might be pointed out that the visitors to ADAonline have come, so far,
from over two dozen countries, including Australia, Belgium, China, France,
French Polynesia, Germany, Japan, Korea (Republic of), Malaysia, New
Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, United
Kingdom, and the United States.

Thanks to the generosity of code writers in five countries (Stephen Celis
[USA], Genevieve de Pont [New Zealand], Sergey Karpukhin [Russia], Prokopis
Prokopidis [Greece], and Ludger Tolksdorf [Germany]), almost two-thirds of
ADA is now online, so that anyone without a copy of the Vintage or first
editions now can access through ADAonline much of the text with the
pagination and lineage of these standard versions.

Annotations and afternotes to Part I Chapters 1-14, updated and considerably
expanded since first publication in The Nabokovian, are now also online and
hyperlinked to the text of ADA and to the Motif index.

Corrections and suggestions of any kind (typos, formatting, hyperlinking, or
especially additional information) are most welcome.

Brian Boyd
Jeff Edmunds

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