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Fwd: Mona's punning letter query in Lolita, II, Ch.19
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Subject: Mona's punning letter query in Lolita, II, Ch.19

I have a couple of queries about Mona's coded letter to Lolita in II,
Ch.19, p. 223 of _The Annotated Lolita_. When Mona writes Poet stumbled
over the French in Scene III, is she referring to Quilty? This is the

' "As expected, poor Poet stumbled in Scene III when arriving at the bit
of French nonsense. Remember? Ne manque pas de dire a ton amant,
Chimene, comme le lac est beau car il faut qu'il t'y mene. Lucky
beau!Qu'il t'y - What a tongue-twister! "'

This letter is very entertaining. Not only does VN outrageously pun on
Quilty with 'Qu'il t'y', as Appel notes, but I think 'Lucky beau'
obviously has to be a pun on 'le lac est beau'. However, is the French
part a message pertaining to a rendez-vous?

Brian Howell

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