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Fwd: Re: VAn & ADA - further speculation & Quaker humor
ednote. jESSAMYN wEST IS THE AUTHOR c IS THINKING OF. VN assigned her New Yorker
story "The Mysteries of Life in an Orderly Manner" an A-; second only to the A+
he gave "Collete."

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I would venture to guess that the only "real" people in Ada are "Violet"
and "Oranger".
And maybe only one of them.

Reminds me of the Quaker joke:

"Sometimes I think the whole world is mad except thee and me. And sometimes
I wonder about thee."

Didn't someone on the list once mention that VN expressed fondness for "The
Friendly Persuasion"? Can't think of the author's name just now, but she
wrote a sequel called
"Except Thee and Me".


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