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Re: Fwd: comments on the recent brouhaha
Hello everyone,

I would like to second Carolyn's vote of confidence (although I suppose one
actually seconds a nomination, not a vote--but you know what I mean). The
founding and editing of NABOKV-L is only one of Don's many invaluable
contributions to Nabokov studies in general and to Nabokovians' opportunities
to communicate with each other, in particular--even if those exchanges do
sometimes become rather heated.


Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Associate Professor of English
Holy Cross College

>>> 09/17/05 5:28 PM >>>

To the List members,

Let me be the first to extend a rousing vote of confidence in our editor. He
has his fuddy-duddy moments, no doubt about that, but he remains
unimpeachable in his attempts to be even handed and to keep a rather unruly
tribe of squabbling Nabokovians in reasonable order.

It can't be an easy job. And I for one would like to express my gratitude
for his efforts and congratulate him for managing at all times to remain
both a scholar and a gentleman.

Kudos to our editor.

Carolyn Kunin

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