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50th anniversary of LOLITA issue of _Nabokov Studies_# 9: LO at 50
Nabokov Studies volume 9 will be out soon. This issue features
a special section (8 articles) marking the fiftieth anniversary
of Lolita's publication. There are also two substantial Forum
pieces, one on "The Admiralty Spire" and the other on the The
Gift, as well as several reviews. A complete list of articles
and reviews is below.

As I've remarked in past years, Nabokov Studies is (still) the
greatest bargain since Olympia offered the original Lolita at
900 OF (about $2 US). To subscribe, visit our homepage at

Questions about subscriptions should be addressed to the editor,
Zoran Kuzmanovich, at

Mary Bellino
Associate editor, Nabokov Studies


Steven Belletto
Of Pickaninnies and Nymphets: Race in Lolita

Maurice Couturier
Narcissism and Demand in Lolita

Duncan White
"(I have camouflaged everything, my love)": Lolita's Pregnant Parentheses

Shoshana Milgram Knapp
The Lesson of Jean Valjean: Lolita and Les Misérables

Emily Collins
Nabokov's Lolita and Andersen's The Little Mermaid

Marie Bouchet
The Details of Desire: From Dolores on the
Dotted Line to Dotted Dolores

Kellie Dawson
Rare and Unfamiliar Things: Vladimir Nabokov's "Monsters"

Ole Nyegaard
Uncle Gustave's Present: The Canine Motif in Lolita


Bruce Stone
Form and Fabulation in "The Admiralty Spire"

Polina Barskova
Filial Feelings and Paternal Patterns:
Transformations of Hamlet in The Gift


Jane Grayson. Vladimir Nabokov
Review by D. Barton Johnson

Julian W. Connolly, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Nabokov
Review by Samuel Schuman

Barbara Wyllie. Nabokov at the Movies: Film Perspectives in Fiction
Review by Zoran Kuzmanovich

Yurii Leving. Vokzal—Garazh—Angar: Vladimir Nabokov i poetika
russkogo urbanizma
Review by Stephen H. Blackwell

Amerikastudien/American Studies 47:3 (2002)
Review by Zoran Kuzmanovich

The Student's Nabokov
Mary Bellino
(includes Paul Strathern's Nabokov in 90 Minutes)

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