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>I found the article [by Centerwell] just when I was about to give up
>the search. My abstract
>is very succinct due to lack of time, and I apologize. My sole reason for
>bringing up this piece is the fact that Jo Morgan failed to admit from the
>outset her indebtedness to it.
>"Hiding in Plain Sight: Nabokov and Pedophilia" Texas Studies in Literature
>and Language, vol 32, no.3 (Fall 1990)468-484.

. . . .
. . . .
>HH does not describe fellatio,
. . .
. . .
Unless I misread, he comes close enough to a description
when he has Lolita "earn the hard and nauseous way permission to
participate in the school's theatrical program;"

>and when Lolita refers to that act HH finds
>it so disgusting he resorts to French to mention it.

Perhaps it's disgusting only when it involves Lolita
with Quilty's beastly boys.

Mary Krimmel

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