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Fwd: Re: Dolinin on a new source for Nabokov's LOLITA
EDNOTE. I'll see what I can do about this. My TLS copies arrive here in remotest
Ultima Thule quite belatedly.

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I would like to announce the publication of my essay "What Happened to Sally
Horner? A Real-Life Source of Nabokov's Lolita" in this week's (London)
"Times Literary Supplement" (Commentary, pp.11-12).

I'd really like to read this, but I'm not able to get the Times Literary
Supplement in print--do you have an electronic copy that you could send to
the list?
I tried to determine if all of the printed TLS is posted online, but I don't
think it is, unfortunately.

The pointy pole on top of a building--always handy to hold on to. Remember
that for the next time you're gigantic and evil.
--Mojo Jojo

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