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Fwd: Re: Pnin, first and third
As the reviewer said, PNIN is written in first person; this is not clear in
every chapter, but is not restricted to the final one. (I didn't want the
reviewer's point to be "traduced," since I thought the review was excellent.

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> <Morgan's superficial knowledge of Nabokov's work is manifest throughout
> the text: she asserts that 'Lolita was one of very few pieces of prose by
> Nabokov where he adopted the first person narrative' (180), when, in fact,
> his novels Pnin, Pale Fire, Despair, The Real Life of Sebastian Knight,
> his autobiography Speak, Memory, and a large number of his short stories
> were all narrated in the first person.>
> PNIN is written in the first person? A pox then on the person who
> reconfigured my edition so that it's told in the third!
> (Doesn't this also traduce the reviewer's point a bit?)
> rjb

Ah, me: I stand corrected. _Pnin_ from Chapter Seven on *is* written in the
first person. It just starts out, if sneakily so, in the third person. All
apologies tendered, etc.


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