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Re: Fwd: Re: Jo Morgan re Michael Maar's evidence on the
Lolita/Lichberg issue.
Re Jansy's queries as to why Nabokov would bother encrypting information
about his Uncle Ruka's incestuous abuse of him.

Good question. I have wondered about this myself. I suspect there are
multiple reasons for why he did so. To some extent at least I believe the
answer has to do with the severity, but secretiveness of Ruka's abuse. The
decoding work in Solving Nabokov's Lolita Riddle (SNLR)proves this went far
beyond simple fondling to include oral and penetrative anal sex. Having
been a victim of incest VN full appreciated how hidden such abuse can be
within families. In SNLR I have argued that in settling upon his encryption
methodology (which spans across Lolita, Bend Sinister, Eugene Onegin and
Speak, Memory) VN very adeptly set out to divulge the hidden nature of
child sexual abuse by hiding it. Clear evidence of VN's immodest claim
to 'think like a genius.' Other reasons for the encryption lie, I believe,
in the realm of Nabokov's intense interest in otherworldly, or spiritual
matters. Such matters are in desperate need of further biographical
research and investigation. After all, one does not encrypt a secret
message without anticipating that someone will one day come along and
decipher it. Perhaps the matter is discussed by VN in the cache of secret
papers he has lodged at the Library Congress. Unfortunately these papers
will not be accessible to the public for at least another 50 years.

Jo Morgan

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