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Fwd: Query regarding Morgan's text
It seems that the invitation has been made in Morgan's post to engage her
text, so this is why I am sending this note to the list rather than to
Morgan directly. I looked at Morgan's Web site for her text and found the
following statement:

"Overall, my book argues in favor of a comprehensive program of moral
reform designed to inhibit the pedophilic aesthetic project which
champions the sexual exploitation of children."

So, would Morgan consider Nabokov's novel as partaking in this "pedophilic
aesthetic project," and why merely try to "inhibit" such a thing? Why not
stamp the damn thing out all together?

But after looking at the site, I am wondering if this is all some sort of
big joke. Could a certain friend of mine from Penn State be behind this?
If he were, I imagine it would be far more clever a ruse.

But this (and by this I mean the quote) seems to be the language of John
Ray, Jr. (or not quite JR, Jr.), which leads me to wonder about its


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